Spring Lake (Lake 11) Improvements

The City of Naples is finalizing project plans to improve the water quality of Spring Lake and which will enhance the lake creating a healthy, attractive and environmentally thriving stormwater feature for the surrounding community. The functions of Spring Lake include storing, treating, and directing stormwater to East Lake which then discharges into Naples Bay. Spring Lake also mitigates flooding, reduces flows during rainfall events and reduces the discharge of pollutants to Naples Bay. Each of these functions are expected to be enhanced with this project by dredging sediment from the lake bottom.

The lake will be dredged and all exotic vegetation will be removed. The project also provides the opportunity to plant diverse wetland vegetation along the northern shoreline of Spring Lake to form a littoral shelf. A littoral shelf is a shallow shelf in a water body that is planted with native aquatic vegetation. The purpose of a littoral shelf is to help filter out the nutrients and minerals in the water prior to it leaving the lake. Some areas of the Spring Lake shoreline are eroded and overly steep and could benefit from littoral shelf modifications and plantings. Littoral shelf plantings and modifications would limit nutrients and runoff from the adjacent lawns from entering the lake. They will also provide additional nutrient uptake within the lake from the additional littoral shelf plants that are dependent on the available nutrients within the lake targeted for removal.

Nutrient Separating Baffle Box is used for water quality treatment at the inflow of storm drains. The box primarily removes sediment and suspended solids from stormwater. The intent is to place one at the stormwater outfall at the north end of the lake.

Submersed aerators help reoxygenate lake water and floc logs add a second layer of water quality improvement by removing unwanted nutrients.  The combination of these two water quality improvement tools impedes growth of algae by moving water and creating a non-stagnant environment.

Lake 11
Spring Lake

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Proposed Renderings

Lake 11 - Proposed littoral shelf with native aquatic vegetation
Rendering - Lake 11 - Proposed nutrient box

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