East Lake (Lake 31) Improvements

The City of Naples is finalizing project plans to improve the water quality of East Lake and which will enhance the lake creating a healthy, attractive and environmentally thriving stormwater feature for the surrounding community. The functions of East Lake include storing, treating, directing and discharging stormwater into Naples Bay. These functions are expected to be enhanced with this project by dredging sediment from the lake bottom.

The lake will be dredged and all exotic vegetation will be removed. The specific improvements proposed to improve water quality at East Lake include the creation of a wetland treatment area comprised of shallow and deep wetland treatment cells planted with a variety of aquatic plants, an open water bypass channel and an overflow weir. The water will either move through the by-pass channel over an overflow weir, which is designed to handle the design storm event to prevent flooding to the surrounding property owners, or directly into the wetland treatment cells. To enter the wetland treatment area the water will flow from Spring Lake (Lake 11) under East Lake Dr structure into the cells that consist of deep and shallow pockets to allow for treatment prior to going over the overflow weir to discharge through the main outfall structure for the Lake. 

Lake 31
East Lake

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Proposed Renderings

Rendering - Lake 31- Computer rendering of proposed wetlands treatment cells
Example of wetlands treatment cells

We want your input

Public input is very important in the design of Lake 31 East Lake project.

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