Public Input Results

In July, a newsletter was sent to property owners and interested parties summarizing the project and residents were directed to the website to view a video and provide initial comments on the proposed plans. Overall comments were supportive of the project. The project team received several comments opposing the proposed floating islands. The City has decided to remove the floating islands from the project. In addition, there was support for keeping the fountain in Spring Lake which will remain. Please see the Documents tab for the updated planting plans.

About the Project

The City of Naples Stormwater Master Plan’s mission is to protect people and property against flood by maintaining and improving the public stormwater management system, while protecting and restoring ecological systems that work naturally to improve water quality and the environment and quality of life for residents and visitors. The 2018 Stormwater Lakes Management Plan Update identified several lake restoration projects and are now in the design phase for the project improvements. Public input is very important in the design of the lake restoration projects. The design will be developed based on input by the City Council as well as the surrounding community to ensure the plan serves the goals and intent of the community. The three design projects are 15th Avenue N. Lake, Spring Lake, and East Lake. The location of the lakes is shown below. Please click on the lake that is your area of interest using the tabs above and then after reviewing the elements of each lake, provide your comments on that specific lake page or send a message through the Contact Us page.

This presentation gives a general overview of the lakes project and represents the 30% design phase, individual lake plans have changed and been updated. Please see specific lake pages for updated plans.

Lake 19
15th Avenue North

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Lake 11 / Lake 31
Spring Lake & East Lake

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We Want Your Input

Public input is very important in the design of the 15th Avenue N Lake and the Spring Lake/East Lake. 
Leave a message with your thoughts or suggestions on these lakes.